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It was a dark afternoon in Betrayus´s castle. Betrayus as always was angry towards Dr. Buttocks and his brother Butt-ler. 



BetrayusThis is useless!!!! 


Says Betrayus in a rage like a volcano erupting. 


BetrayusEverything you do Dr. Buttocks turns into a horrible disaster thanks to the Pac-pest!!! 

Dr. Buttocks: But...but... it is not my.... 


Betrayus interrupts 




Grabs the plate that Butt-ler was holding and throws towards Dr. Buttocks. He then proceeds to grab his glass of wine and throws it towards him. He finally grabs his throne and set it flying towards Dr. Buttocks where he was floating in front of a glass stain Pac-ghost. 


The glass stain breaks into pieces. 

Inky, BlinkyPinky, Cindy, Darkergull and Clyde stared in shock behind the door as if they never seen Betrayus so angry. 


Inky: *whispers* Man the boiler head sure is boiling. 

Blinky: *whisper* Good one Inky. 

Clyde: *whispers* Hey what's that behind the broken glass painting? 

  Pinky: *whispers* Ithat a secret passage? 


Cindy was so terrified of seeing the rage of Betrayus that she hugs Darkergull and replies: 


Cindy: (says in a terrified voice) Probably. I hope not. 


As soon as Butt-ler began to sweep the broken glass he notices the secret passage. 


Butt-ler:(in a boring voice) My lord, I might gone blinded but it appears that there's a hidden passage. 


Betrayus stops throwing fireballs at Dr. Buttocks and turns his attention to butt-ler. 


Betrayus: what? 


Betrayus floats towards Butt-ler. 


BetrayusHmm I don't remember adding this passage here when I ruled this castle. 


Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Cindy, Darkergull and Clyde watches as Betrayus, Dr. Buttocks and Butt-ler enters the room.  


DarkergullWhat was that all about? 

Pinky: Beats me. 


Cindy heads towards the broken glass painting pieces and studies it. 

Darkergull follows her and studies the pieces as well. Darkergull sees some letters on one of the broken pieces and reads it. 


Cindy: Spooky? Did you say Spooky? 


Cindy pulls out a black and light blue book out of nowhere. 


Cindy: Spooky... I studied him. He's a an evil ghost that use to live in pac-world, he was one of closest allies of betrayus during the pac war. Some how he managed to get out of the netherworld and attacked pac world but his plans were foiled thanks to a "yellow one" wizard who created the golden fruits. This sir.pacalot fought against spooky to defend the tree of life. He succeeded and used the power of the golden fruits to seal him under the tree to be imprisoned for the rest of his life. 

Pinky: Hold on... are you telling me that this "Spooky" is a prisoner under the tree of life? 

Cindy: Pretty much, yeah. 

Cindy: Thow pac wolders and ghosts say that there's a way to set him free, and that passage might have the answer of how to free him.  

ClydeMy mind is soooooo confused. 

DarkergullYou might be right Cindy if so we should follow them. 

Darkergull: Blinky, Pinky you guys need to warn pac-man and his friends they need to know right away. 


Pinky in a very confused voice asks Darkergull. 


Pinky: But we don't even know if that passage leads to reveal the secret on how to free Spooky. 

Darkergull: Idoesn't matter they must know about this. (Teasing) Plus you'll get to see pac-man. 

Pinky: (on an excited and rushed voice) Olet's go Blinky. 


Grabs Blinky from the arm and flies fastowards the portal. 


DarkergullHehe always works, ok inky Cindy and Clyde let's go follow betrayus and the butt brothers. 

Inky, Cindy and Clyde: Ok 


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